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Yo quiero! The heartwarming true story of the camera-ready Chihuahua who became a pint-sized superstar. Her name was Gidget. To the world, she was the Taco Bell dog. This is the extraordinary story of an irresistible pup´s life, and that of her devoted trainer, Sue Chipperton. It is not only the story of an adorable television star, but also that of Sue´s successful training techniques, and her fascinating stories of working with both human and animal stars, like Mooni, Gidget´s Chihuahua roommate and the eventual star of Legally Blonde. Sue shares her delightful tales, investing humor, warmth, and rare insight into one of the freshest and most fun Hollywood success stories ever told. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Helen Stern. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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A Famous Dog´s Life:The Story of Gidget America´s Most Beloved Chihuahua Sue Chipperton/ Rennie Dyball

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