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City of Devils: 13 Tales of the Uncanny, Unluck...
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Los Angeles and Lucifer are a lot alike. They both seduce and lure with promises of wealth, fame, beauty, or love. But those promises are often ∅ and even when they’re not, there’s a price to pay. Come meet the denizens of City of Devils: Natasha is an underrated actress who goes to great lengths to win an Oscar in ´´Based on a true story.” In ´´Doom for Rent” a young man takes on a roommate to make ends meet, only to find he’s opened the door to pure evil. Geneva Hughes is a wealthy celebutant who loves her chihuahua, Boo-Boo, to death in ´´Ankle Biters.” Private dick Max Ryker gets more than he bargained for in ´´The Case of the Butchered Bombshell”. Tourist Ethel learns there’s no such thing as ´´Free Admission”. Child actor Cosmo Colombo finds out what he’s made of when The Big One hits LA in ´´Richter Mortis”. Are the paparazzi soulless? Find out in ´´Remote Trigger”. A narcissist devours the weak in ´´Depraved Indifference” while the meek fight back against a sleazy film producer in ´´He Was Asking for It”. Partygoers in ´´Abracadaver” practice supernatural sleight-of-hand during a séance at The Magic Castle. A psychic shyster gets his comeuppance in ´´My Mother the Carcass” while Malibu surfer Bjorn meets a malicious mermaid in ´´Tasty Waves”. Lastly, a lonely lady’s desperation to be thin and beautiful could cost her her life in ´´Alice on Wonderland”. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Graydon Schlichter. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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